Why is henry back at blossom hill cottage?

John Kling asked a question: Why is henry back at blossom hill cottage?
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📢 Bbc blogs - the archers - why is henry back at blossom hill cottage?

Rob, Helen and Henry started living together at Blossom Hill Cottage in February 2014. In October 2015, Rob - by this point Helen's husband - signed a parental responsibility agreement. ROB: Well ...

📢 Who owns blossom hill cottage ambridge?

A guide to some of the key locations in Ambridge. Blossom Hill Cottage. Peggy Woolley lived for many years in this charming thatched cottage.

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📢 Who lives in blossom hill cottage ambridge?

Blossom Hill Cottage Owned by: Usha Franks Living there: unknown Previously: in order, Mike Daly, various tenants including John Tregorran, Peggy Archer (now Woolley); Usha Franks; Jim Lloyd; two anonymous teachers; Helen and Rob Titchener with Henry Archer; Anisha Jayakody. Bridge Farm Owned by: Pat and Tony Archer

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Why is Henry Back At Blossom Hill Cottage? Comments Join the conversation . These comments are now closed. 736 comments. Show. U. Comment posted by U16062143, at 22:37 25 Apr 2016 U16062143. 22:37 ...

Rob, Helen and Henry started living together at Blossom Hill Cottage in February 2014. In October 2015, Rob - by this point Helen's husband - signed a parental responsibility agreement.

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Upon Rob's return to Ambridge, his mother, Ursula, collected Henry from Bridge Farm. Pat was led to believe that Henry was coming back that evening. When he wasn't returned Pat rang Ursula:

Why is Henry Back At Blossom Hill Cottage? Monday 25 April 2016, 15:30 Rob has signed a parental responsibility agreement which makes his rights, duties and obligations in the upbringing of Henry ...

It was Pam Ayres what started it. She tweeted a poem within minutes of Sunday night's infamous events at Blossom Hill Cottage. Archers listeners followed suit.

Pat and Tony are reeling from Helen's arrest and the charge of attempted murder, and the fact that they can only see their grandson Henry one day a week.

This led to a series of ‘accidents’, which – Rob was always clear to point out – were Helen’s fault: a minor car accident that led to Rob stopping Helen from driving; Henry suffered a ...

The Archers listeners will know that Rob is out of hospital and being cared for at Blossom Hill Cottage by his mother, Ursula, who is shaping up to be even nastier than Rob. Remember, this is the couple that schemed behind Helen's back to send young Henry, only five years old, off to boarding school. Why, Rob even took him to visit the school.

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Ever since she became pregnant, she has been a wraithlike presence, a pale face at the window of Blossom Hill Cottage, lank-haired and wearing the charity-shop clothes her husband, Rob, prefers ...

Daly dismissed the charge as non-sense, but Reggie Trentham turned up at Blossom Hill Cottage one day with a girl, Valerie Grayson, who had been Major John Smith's girl friend. Mike and Valerie then told the truth: Mike Daly, MC, had been in Dachau concentration camp, and the British authorities had arranged his escape by getting a pro-British German officer to certify him as being dead.

In April 2016, after meeting secretly with Jess, Helen stabbed Rob after he refused to let her and Henry leave (placing a knife in her hands, goading her to end her own life, then lashing out at Henry when the child interrupted the confrontation). Subsequently, she was arrested and charged with attempted murder.

Rob told Pat that Helen had forfeited her rights to Henry because of her attack on him; that is not correct. The mother retains primary parental responsibility for ever unless/until it is removed ...

He eventually relents to letting Ursula stay till the end of the week and, back at Blossom Hill Cottage, he announces that he is returning home. But doesn’t he want to see Henry? Bruce replies that he doesn’t want to go and see “some snotty-nosed kid.” “But you’ve never even met Henry” Rob protests and Bruce demonstrates the depth of his grandfatherly feelings when he says “I can live with that.”

It is a reminder every day of what he did. It also sucks her further into his clutches. And now she doesn't know how to stop him going to court to get his hands on Henry.

Rob Titchener of Blossom Hill Cottage, who was injured in a knife attack at his home last Sunday, was said to be ‘critical’ as the Ambridge Observer went to press. ‘Mr Titchener has undergone two operations to repair his ruptured bowel, but the colostomy procedure unfortunately resulted in a life-threatening infection,’ said surgeon Mr Will Cutmore of Felpersham Hospital.

She’s only going to be useful to the prosecution for describing the scene upon her arrival at Blossom Hill Cottage with Rob wounded on the floor, Helen with or near the knife and placing Henry somewhere in the vicinity and explaining that she called the emergency services, not Helen. In effect, Kirsty saved his life.

Helen was handed a knife and goaded by Rob into stabbing herself. Instead, in the violent scuffle which followed, she stabbed him in front of her son Henry. Statistically this is an unusual case.

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She loved it – but she didn’t choose it. Rob did. It was surprising how quickly Helen settled down into domestic life in their new family home, Blossom Hill Cottage. A shock revelation in the ...

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Owns: Blossom Hill Cottage ... first moment he picked up Usha from the ground where she lay after the racist attack to the end of his time with The Archers. We worked on many fine storylines ...

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Owns: Blossom Hill Cottage ... first moment he picked up Usha from the ground where she lay after the racist attack to the end of his time with The Archers. We worked on many fine storylines ...

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